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      Popular bakery has a new home built by all U.P. companies

      Owner of Royâ??s Pasties and Bakery, Roy Narhi, has worked for the last year to build a new facility for his business on the Portage Canal waterfront.

      Now open for business, the $900,000 project moved the bakery from a 2000-square-foot facility in a strip mall to a 6600-square-foot standalone building, built with the help of all U.P.-based companies.

      â??We are all in this together, and the closer we can bring that together, the better off we are for us and for them,â?? said Narhi. â??So, we thought this was a great opportunity to extend that community effort with a building like this.â??

      More than 25 percent of the budget could have been saved if they chose to hire outside, but instead they used local contractors, construction companies, and even local banking.

      â??We were very conscious of the fact that we wanted to stay local, and we felt that the local community could provide all the services that we needed,â?? said co-owner, Trisia Kappler.

      Narhi said the bigger building comes with more seating space and more room in the kitchen to expand the menu.

      â??Our oven capacity now enables us to make artisan breads,â?? he said. â??So, we can produce enough pasties, Danish, breads, just about for any volume that we can foresee in the future and now.â??

      And the new building has two 1000-square-foot apartments above the store that will be completed by the end of the year.

      â??It helps with the cost of the new facility as well as gives us a beautiful location on the waterfront,â?? Kappler explained.

      The bakery that has been providing pasties for the Copper Country since 2001 has its own building the entire community can be proud of.

      â??Weâ??re very proud of the facility. Weâ??ve had great support,â?? Kappler said. â??This was a partner project all the way along.â??