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      Porcupine Mountains Music Fest wraps up

      The Porcupine Mountains Music Festival is unlike any other.

      Everyone's jamming and, even the young at heart are grooving to the tunes.

      "Great line up of all different types of music. Something for everybody and all of them have been incredibly talented great performers. It's certainly been fun seeing all the different types of music," said Eric Maki, guest.

      This year for the three-day fest they had 24 different acts performing on the two outdoor stages including the Grand Slambovians, and around 30 in the acoustic barn.

      "We're unique in that we have many different styles happening. So, you might see a blues band next to a folk act, next to bluegrass, next to rock. It's a really nice mix of music. We celebrate music of all styles," said Cheryl Sundberg, Director of the festival.

      The kids attending also were a hit on stage as they came together to perform a song.

      "Well, I think it's really cool. I love everything about it," said Sully Maki.

      It's part of the festival's effort to make it a family fun event.

      "I'm excited I'm playing with Noah too and I'm excited. It's going to be fun," said Daphne Maki.

      Officials say they may have just broken their attendance record of a thousand people attending.

      Daily passes were $35 and all the money raised goes back to the Friends of the Porkies to continue making the festival self sustaining.