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      Porcupine Mountains Music Festival features over 20 acts

      The Porcupine Mountains Music Festival begins Friday at the Porkies ski hill and runs through Sunday evening. This is the eighth year the festival has been in the Porkies.

      Over 20 acts from all over the country will be featured including "Audie Baylock and Redline" and the popularly requested "Gandalph Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams."

      The festival serves the purpose of bringing live music to the county and to end the summer on a high note. Organizers say there is a variety of music genres that everyone can find enjoyable.

      â??Once you come, you're going to come for the next ten years,â?? said president of the Friends of the Porkies, Jim Bradley. â??Nobody ever walks away from here disappointed. There's all different kinds of music. If you can't find something that you like to listen to in three days, I guess we've disappointed you, but Iâ??ve never heard of anybody complaining.â??

      Tickets can be purchased at the gates. The acts take the stage Friday at noon.

      For more information, visit the Porcupine Mountains Music Festival website here .