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      Portage Health dialysis technician first and only in Michigan to receive advanced certification

      A dialysis technician at Portage Health is the first and only in the State of Michigan to receive advanced certification in hemodialysis from the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission.

      Stephanie Booth, CCHT-A, passed the Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician-Advanced exam.

      All dialysis technicians were required to have a primary national certification in 2010 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The new certification attained by Booth requires over five years of work and focuses more on the theories and technology behind the treatment.

      Booth says she felt it was important for her to further her education to better care for patients.

      â??At first, it was hard to recognize that everybody that worked here, even though they'd already worked here for so long, needed to have that certification, but it is for the patient's benefit,â?? said Booth. â??The patients should get better care because the technicians understand more of what's going on, and I think that really, overall, that's what it's all about is the patients.â??

      The Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission conducts certification exams for dialysis technicians across the U.S.