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      Portage Health expands University Center

      The new and improved Portage Health University Center is open for business. The center is much more convenient for patients by offering a drive-through pharmacy. "We're one of the only drive-through pharmacies, and it's a great benefit to our customers up here. So we're able to keep that characteristic on our building," said Portage Health Facilities Director Glenn Patrick. Eight thousand square feet of clinic space was added to the facility, and the $4.2 million project is on Michigan Tech's campus, an added benefit for students. "We already have an arrangement with Portage where they commit to seeing our students on a walk-in basis, four hours a day, and they've expanded those hours a little bit with the new arrangement," said V.P. of Student Affairs Les Cook. The new facility also houses 18 exam rooms and two procedure rooms. Portage Health says the new layout makes it a lot easier for the health care providers. "Our spaces in the old clinic were very small and confined, and we have it laid out now where it's a lot easier for the provider to work with the patient and utilize electronic medical records system and not be uncomfortable. It's a lot more functional for them." The entire project took a year to complete with more than 25 workers on staff.