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      Porterhouse or chuck steak?

      Walking into a meat shop, for some, is like a kid in a candy store. But it's important to choose the right cut of meat for your grilling purposes.

      As much as we try not to be partial to certain meats, the fact of the matter is that some cuts simply rise above the rest when it comes to grilling; and of that, Alan Monette, at Monetteâ??s IGA, is an expert.

      â??You can pretty much grill any kind of meat, whether it's chicken or pork or beef,â?? said Monette. â??Your number one beef steak is going to be a porterhouse or a ribeye. If I was going to grill, I would look for the Angus label. This is going to tell you it's of the highest quality with good fat content.â??

      Alan says that although beef is the most popular, other value meats can be equally as good. â??Everybody likes chicken; chicken is very tender, so you don't have to worry about it being tough. Pork is tender and is juicy, and if you're looking for a good value and you want to put something on the grill, I would go with the pork,â?? Monette said.

      Another thing to take into consideration is the purpose of the grilling. If feeding a lot of people is the occasion, an option like chicken breasts or baby back ribs will be a better value and more efficient. If impressing that special someone is the order of the night, a porterhouse steak or a New York strip steak is a safer choice to bank on.

      According to Alan, a better-valued beef option is a chuck steak. â??That will be half the price, but with a little marinating or tenderizing, it's going to end up being just as tender as your T-bone,â?? Monette said.

      Whatever cut is chosen, grilling is a great way to enjoy good food and good company.