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      Positive Discipline

      40% of children are missing the number one skill for success: Self regulation.

      This is according to Conscious Discipline Program, an internationally recognized program doctors and child psychologists say is the most effective way to parent a child.

      And it just so happens that Marquette General Hospital offers a workshop for parents designed around the Conscious Discipline Program.

      Parent Grace Johnson said,"It's hard making your children understand that they don't always get what they want, because as adults you don't. And it's hard when you have such a little mind, it's hard to show them what you mean."

      The program is made up of seven core discipline skills a parent must learn.

      The skills are Composure, Encouragement, Assertiveness, Choices, Empathy, Positive Intent and Consequences.

      Parenting Instructor Barbie Dupras says the program is a way to teach parents how to discipline with love, not discipline with fear.

      "It is so exciting to be able to give parents some hope and some ideas of things that work, and then watch them go out and do it, and come back and say 'oh my gosh, that works,'" said Dupras.

      Parents or soon-to-be parents attended the workshop today, keeping track of what was taught and paying close attention.

      Parents learned how they can change their own behavior to impact their children's behavior.

      Parent Brandon DeCremer said,"We've been doing the 'Stop' technique that she was talking about, where when they're doing something that isn't right we'll just stop and we'll breathe, and talk, and see where we want to go with the situation."

      Parents involved in the course say they have a much better understanding of how to discipline, not punish, their children.

      Marquette General Hospital Offers their two week program Positive Discipline once per year. But if parents are in need of the help, and there isn't a class available at the time, they can call Marquette General's Women's and Children's Center and set up a private session.

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