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      Positive outcome for horses

      â??They're awesome animals. They're very grateful, and I think they're just happy to be rescued,â?? says Tammy Kiser, a Faithorn resident who adopted three of the horses. â??They hang out in the pasture together; the three are always together.â??

      Itâ??s a happy ending for horses that, one year ago, wouldn't be recognized. They were found in Sagola with no food or water; practically skin and bones. All three gained a couple hundred pounds after being rescued. Now they stand tall and full of life without a rib in sight, which Kiser admits wasn't easy.

      She tells us the horses needed everything from teeth work to X-rays.

      â??I had put them on a regular worming schedule; they were filled with parasites,â?? Kiser adds.

      One horse needed multiple surgeries on a shoulder for a bone chip; the other had a severe foot infection that needed constant bandaging and care. Approximately $5,000 was spent in total, and Kiser says every cent was worth it.

      â??This is definitely their forever home. My granddaughter's only seven, so there are many years of riding these guys.â??

      For these horses, physical scars may remain, but the emotional ones have been wiped away.