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      Possible plea for grandmother facing kidnapping charges

      Jesse Wiggin and his mother, Robin Eggers, appeared in Marquette County District Court Friday for a preliminary hearing. This was for a case of parental kidnapping of Wiggin's three-year-old daughter.

      On December 29, Jesse Wiggin had custody of his child and was to return the child to the biological mother later that day.

      That didn't happen. Instead, Wiggin's mother Robin Eggers took the child to her home in Gwinn. Eggers never returned the child to the biological mother.

      Wiggin claimed he was unaware his mother never returned his child.

      "Those facts developed during the course of negotiations in this case, leading up to the preliminary examination, and the prosecution being aware of that, made an offer, and if Jesse was willing to cooperate in providing testimony against his mother, if necessary, in her case, that the case against him would be dismissed," said Raymond Gregory, Wiggin's attorney.

      Wiggin accepted the negotiation. Eggers accepted an offer made by the court. She will plead no contest in Marquette County Circuit Court that will delay sentencing.