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      Possible tornado in Marquette County?

      The strong winds during last Thursday's storm caused damage all over Marquette County, and some residents even reported a tornado.

      Several hundred trees were knocked down just off County Road 550 in Marquette Township. National Weather Service representatives investigated claims of a possible tornado, but due to the way the trees and branches landed, they said it is more likely to be straight line winds coming out of the north off Lake Superior.

      However, it was not difficult to see why there were reports of a tornado.

      "It makes sense that when wind gusts hit a tree as it falls to the ground, it will twist, and so that's what we saw here," said meteorologist Matt Zika. "But all of the trees laying off to the south, and the strongest winds were out of the north on that Thursday evening; it's obvious this was just straight line winds."

      Meteorologists suspect winds reached approximately 85 miles an hour during that night, causing a large amount of damage.