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      Possible wolf hunt in Upper Peninsula

      The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is working on a proposal to set up a wolf hunt in Upper Michigan.

      The Natural Resources Commission (NRC) met Thursday. They're currently gathering data from the DNR regarding the wolf population.

      The DNR conducts population surveys every two years, and all indications point to a stable or even increasing population of around 700 wolves in the U.P.

      "We're certainly, at the DNR, happy to have management of wolves back at the state level. It was really difficult when it was at the federal level; we couldn't make localized decisions, we couldn't manage for conflicts we were having with livestock and dogs, so now we will move forward how the NRC wants to as far as management," said Debbie Munson-Badini, Marquette County DNR.

      Over the next few months, public hearings will be set up so the NRC can hear from the public about the wolf.

      The DNR and NRC are also working closely with U.P. Native American tribes.

      A recommendation for a wolf hunt could come by May or June. The Natural Resources Commission will have the final say if there will be a wolf hunt in Upper Michigan.