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      Powell Township residents have questions on 510 and Triple A

      The Marquette County Road Commission is addressing concerns over their project to upgrade County Road 510 and the Triple A.

      At Monday night's regular meeting citizens from Powell Township voiced their concerns about a project they feel is being rushed. Part of the project includes more than $300,000 in land purchases. The plans, which are 70 percent complete, will see the Triple A Road brought up to all season standards with a design speed of 55 miles an hour.

      Many residents disagree with how the commission is getting some of the land for the project as well as how much tree clearing has to be done.

      "As a resident of Powell Township up in Big Bay, myself and many other residents have concerns about, first the use of eminent domain for a project, also we have concerns about the over widening on triple a, this project did not have to be that wide," said Powell Township Resident, Gene Champagne.

      Champagne also said the project feels rushed. A further meeting regarding County Road 510 and the Triple A will be held at 7 p.m., March 20 at the Powell Township Hall.