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      Power Struggle

      High utility bills and numerous power outages are frustrating some Alger Delta Electric customers in Skandia. The latest outage occurred just a few days ago and lasted almost nine hours.

      When the lights go out, it's understandable to have questions when you are experiencing weather like weâ??re having right now. For some customers in Skandia, it seems to happen a lot more than they would like.

      "We can't understand why it was just off the other day and there was no electricity for nine hours and there was no wind or anything that occurred from it," said Kristene Morton, customer of Alger Delta Electric.

      "The source of that power outage was an animal related contact in a substation owned by We Energies," said Tom Harrell, CEO of Alger Delta Electric.

      Why is that significant? Alger Delta Electric's system is tied into the We Energies grid as well. In the area around Skandia, Alger Delta essentially feeds off of the We Energies grid to supply power.

      "We've been working very closely with We Energies to find and resolve the problems that occur. Our crews and their crews work very well together," said Harrell.

      Accidents like this one have happened before and will happen again, but that isn't all some customers are worried about.

      "We have super high priced bills. They range from about $200 to $230 a month. They do go down in the summer, but we never see anything lower than $180," said Morton.

      Part of the problem Alger Delta runs into is that they cover a large area with few customers.

      "Density is something that contributes to, or in our case lack of density, contributes to higher distribution costs," said Harrell.

      According to Harrell there is an average of only 6 customers per mile of power line across the Alger Delta Electric system. Harrell also mentioned that they understand that it's frustrating to have a number of outages within a short time span, but he assures us that Alger Delta is working to increase the performance in those areas to a better standard.