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      Power tool + pink shirt = Women's Build

      With power tools, pink, and purpose, you can't go wrong.

      At the eighth Womenâ??s Build in Iron Mountain through Habitat for Humanity, females of all ages came together, sporting their proud t-shirts, ready to take on the challenges of building a home.

      â??We joined a National Women's Build Week, and once we participated, we were able to obtain a $5,000 gift card to Loweâ??s, and that prompted us to get into a further Womenâ??s Build program, with the pink t-shirts and that gives us the opportunity to do five Womenâ??s Builds within the calendar year,â?? said Habitat for Humanity executive director, Nancy Pellegrini.

      The first hour of the build focused on training the women how to properly use the power tools, while the second hour was spent building. â??Itâ??s an opportunity for women to use power tools, to use regular tools, and to see a difference all in one day,â?? Pellegrini said.

      Though the age requirement to use the power tools is sixteen, that restriction didn't stop some from coming anyway. â??Iâ??m just observing so then Iâ??ll know what to do when I turn sixteen to build a house,â?? said Eden Lawson.

      And it's no wonder the younger generation wants to get involved; by observing a community that puts the needs of others before self, you can't help but lend a helping hand.