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      Prayer vigil held for shooting victims

      In Marquette on Monday, an impromptu prayer vigil was held for the victims of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

      When Hannah Bimel heard about the tragedy, she decided to show her support. She invited her friends on Facebook to come and pray for the victims and make signs to display on Washington Street in Marquette.

      Bimel hopes the victims in Newtown can find some comfort.

      "When I heard of what happened in Connecticut, my heart just broke. It seemed to...it really affected the country, and so I wanted to send a message to Connecticut to say we're with you, and we're sorry, we're sorry for what's happened and you are not alone," said Bimel.

      The group also made signs they want people to leave encouraging messages on. They plan to then send the signs to the City of Newtown.