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      Preparation for CopperDog 150

      It is the third year for the CopperDog 150 and with snow finally falling in the Keweenaw, mushers, sled dogs, and spectators will be on hand for the race. It takes a lot of people as well as planning to put on such a large event and without volunteers the race directors say it would not be possible. â??Weâ??re going to have our volunteers come in. Theyâ??re going to sign some waivers and release forms. Weâ??re going to actually take them through the motions here of what kid of hand signals we use at road crossings,â?? said Club Chair Doug Harrer. Over 400 volunteers will help on race day and the second part of the session gave volunteers hands-on training with the dogs. Race directors say they would much rather have their volunteers prepared ahead of time in order to keep them from being too nervous or confused come race day. â??Iâ??ve heard about this for the last couple of years and at work they were looking for volunteers so I thought Iâ??d see what it was all about. What Iâ??m most excited about is just being able to be near the dogs and to see all the people that come to watch,â?? said volunteer Shannon Schreiber. One of the most important parts of the race are the sled dogs themselves and Scotty and the rest of his teammates are looking to come in first place. While outside, volunteers got learned the proper way to handle the dogs and how to help mushers stop if they need assistance. Race directors say it is important for everyone involved to enjoy the sled dog race. â??We want our businesses in town and our surrounding communities to be able to reap the benefits of the CopperDog,â?? said Harrer. The race starts tomorrow night at 7:30 downtown Calumet.