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      Preparations for impending storm

      Winter storms in the Upper Peninsula are so much a part of who we are, that it seems we almost subconsciously begin to prepare for them. Super One Foods in Iron Mountain has been seeing a bit of traffic due to the storm expected this evening.

      â??Storms seem to bring more people in,â?? said employee, Sherri McBride. â??It was pretty busy yesterday; this morning it was fairly busy. Itâ??s tapered off a bit now.â??

      But Sherri explained how she doesnâ??t worry too much about the storms.

      â??I go out in storms all the time; it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, Iâ??m going bowling tonight,â?? McBride said.

      Even still, it's always smart to stock up on foods and other necessities before the storm hits, which some residents were doing Thursday afternoon.

      â??They get a couple nice dinners; bread milk, and even wine, you know,â?? McBride said.

      But others in the community, like the Dickinson County Road Commission, are taking a more serious look at the impending weather.

      â??Weâ??d rather be ready to go early so we can get things cleaned up rather than not be ready,â?? said Dickinson County Road Commission Superintendent, Jim Harris.

      Theyâ??re all cranking it into high gear for what may be a considerable amount of snowfall in the area. As they prepare for the storm, the road commission replaces many of their blades, as some of them wear out after a few months.

      â??You can go through a set of underbody blades in a storm. Itâ??s intense wear, especially when you go down to the blacktop,â?? Harris said.

      Snowfall accumulations are expecting to vary throughout the Upper Peninsula; Dickinson County is expecting anywhere from four to eight inches.