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      Preparing for a school shooter

      Sadly, school shootings have become a reality across our county.

      â??These active shooters are coming into our schools and doing harm to our children,â?? said Tactical Encounters executive officer Daniel Danaher.

      Today, sixteen officers from 7 law enforcement agencies across the U.P. are learning what to do if it happens in our community.

      Tactical Encounters trains first responders on how to handle an active shooter scenario from beginning to end. They practice getting to the location, into the facility and how to engage the shooter and stop their life threatening behavior. This two day, 16 hour course provides classroom instruction, but mainly, lifelike enactments.

      â??Using Simunition, or paintball guns basically, to increase the stress on those officers,â?? Danaher said. â??We make it as realistic as possible and go into reality based scenarios to experience first hand.â??

      Participating officers and instructors hope this training will help them prevent lost lives.

      â??Itâ??s important that these officers receive this training for not only their safety, but to save the lives of the innocent,â?? Danaher said.