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      Preparing for Outhouse Classic

      The 21st Annual Trenary Outhouse Classic is Saturday. With only days until the big race, participants are piecing together their outhouses.

      The task is to create a makeshift outhouse. Just as every year, the Double Trouble DJ team is going all out for the 21st Annual Trenary Outhouse Classic.

      "We've built some that look like a bulldozer; we've built ones that look like liquor bottles. The one we are doing this year, since it's the Olympics and since Saturday will be the last day of the Sochi Olympics, is actually an Olympic poo-dium," said William Digneit, Double Trouble DJs.

      Their poo-dium is equipped with gold, silver, and bronze spray painted toilets as well as a plunger for each one. They are also adding toilet seats representing the Olympic rings to make it more outrageous.

      Teams will have to push their outhouse across a 400-foot snow-covered track in downtown Trenary.

      "They go by time. There's cash prizes for first, second, and third. We also have special judging for most humorous, best presentation, workmanship, and farthest traveled," said Naomi Cady, president of Outhouse committee.

      Jesse Coates used his job as inspiration for his outhouse. After a week of planning and building, he's now decorating it with spray foam insulation.

      "When I watched it I thought it was a fun thing, so I wanted to participate in it this year. And my girlfriend, her grandfather was the founder, and I thought it would be really cool if I could share that," said Jesse Coates.

      He even plans to push the outhouse dressed in full spraying gear. Only seven outhouses are pre-registered for the race.

      Click here for more information on participating.