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      Preparing for the first day of school - ever!

      Lake Linden Hubbell Elementary will have 33 new kindergartners in school this year. On Wednesday the kids and their parents met the teachers and celebrated the class of 2027.

      The school has two two kindergarten classes this year. Students were given their room assignments, met their teachers and classmates, and decorated school bags. The kids were each even given a balloon to release outdoors as part of the fun.

      Though some parents are veterans at watching their kids go off to school, others were sending their first child to kindergarten.

      One of these new parents is Jacqui Kivela. "I'm really nervous. It's really an experience. I don't know what to expect, all these kids. I guess I'm ready. I don't know, I guess, how much you can be ready for your kid going off to kindergarten?

      Schools across the Upper Peninsula will continue teacher in-service days the rest of this week, as well as times for students to pick up their schedules and class assignments.