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      Preparing your skis for race day

      Folks looking to make their skis faster in the MGH Noquemanon Ski Marathon this weekend should look to the cold weather for the answer.

      Before you wax, make sure the skis are free and clear of dirt and debris. Using a cold weather wax before the race will help create less friction on the trail.

      "For race day, you want that instant strike acceleration. When you put that ski down, you want it to go so you don't stall, and then 20 of your closest friends just got by you," said Rick Bagley of the Sports Rack in Marquette.

      Making sure that there isn't excess wax on the skis is the real secret to preparing your skis for the marathon. The excess wax will become visible on the skis as they become exposed to the cold and can keep you from having a smooth ride.

      Remember, a clean ski is a smooth ski.