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      Preschool children perform Christmas concert

      The Michigan Tech Preschool put on its annual holiday concert Tuesday in Houghton. Students sang their favorite songs for their parents in their classroom. The three year olds performed Tuesday morning, and the four year olds will perform Friday morning. Preschool teacher Brita Odegard, says the students have been practicing since the start of school. She says the holiday concert is a big hit with the students and parents.

      "Every year we have a winter program because the kids work really hard to learn these songs, and they want to celebrate Christmas, and they want to have their parents come into their classroom and see what they've been doing, and see their friends and their class and listen to all the songs they've been singing for the season," said Odegard.

      Odegard says the students work hard year-round to put on various events in their classroom. She says the students also prepare an art gallery for their parents during the spring.