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      Preschool students perform winter concert

      The Michigan Tech Preschool has been in the Houghton area for over 50 years, and early on Tuesday morning, students held a winter concert.

      The students have been practicing for their winter concert debut since Thanksgiving. The preschool offers four different classes, and every year these three and four year olds participate in the concert.

      The audience was filled with smiling parents and grandparents.

      "A lot of times the parents don't get into the preschool, so this gives them a chance to get into the preschool because sometimes it's the grandparents that drop them off. So just to see what they've been doing and to see them interact with other children and to see them perform the songs that they've been working hard on," said Co-Director of MTU Preschool, Brita Odegard.

      "Some of the songs performed were A Chubby Little Snowman, Snow is Falling, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas. The students also performed other winter and holiday songs, and once the concert was over, it was back to play time.