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      Preschoolers learning what they like

      Most daycares and preschools provide children with activities aimed at enriching cognitive development and preparing them for school.

      One daycare in Marquette isn't just teaching their toddlers, they're letting them pick the type of curriculum being offered. Children at Discovery Central get to learn what they like.

      Because these children learn their personal topic of interest, they're more willing to absorb the information. And by selecting their daily jobs--what songs they'll sing and what books they'll read--can share those interests with their fellow classmates.

      "Dillon is very interested in animals," said Andrea Ballard, four-year-old Dillonâ??s parent. "He learned many different things about where animals lived, different materialsâ?|many different things."

      It's called the Reggio Emilia Approach . It's named after an Italian City where the first school was developed after World War II. Discovery Central's Director Sarah Misale said it teaches more than just the 1, 2, and 3s.

      "What it helps to do is encourage the curiosity, encouraging them to love learning, and having a confidence in the process of learning," explained Misale.

      "Eli has an opportunity to explore but also within enough structure to give him the opportunity to really be conscious about what he's learning," said Christi Edge, another parent.

      These parents believe this method of learning prepares their toddlers for school and for life.