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      Presents came early for kids on Santa??s super-nice list

      It seems Santa Claus shipped some Christmas gifts out early this year, except Saturday??s delivery went by air, rather than reindeer.

      The plane full of presents landed at approximately 9:30 Saturday morning at Boreal Aviation in Sawyer. It's called Operation Good Cheer and by the look on the children's faces, it??s not hard to see why.

      It's a program of Child and Family Services of Michigan. They team up with donors, volunteers, and Santa to grant the wish lists of approximately 15,000 kids in Michigan, 200 of them living right here in the U.P.

      The children, removed from their homes, are victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment."It makes me feel a lot better," said one child. "There's a lot of nice people in the world, and I don't get to see that very often."

      "It's so amazing," exclaimed another.

      And even though the gifts arrived early, children cannot open their presents until Christmas morning.