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      Preserving historic communities

      Everywhere you look, the city of Marquette is rich in history, and it's evident in all the historic buildings you see around town.

      "Because of the inauguration, so often, of sandstone that's regional available here, there is a look to Marquette that is unparalleled in other communities," said Janet Kreger, founding member.

      Preserving historic buildings across the state is what The Michigan Historic Preservation Network is about. They provide education and advocacy for historic resources as well as helping communities, like Mackinac Island, establish local historic districts.

      "That protects the properties in the district, and without that we see many, many, many buildings come down," said Nancy Finegood, Executive Director.

      More than 300 people, passionate about the history in their infrastructure, are attending this year's thirty-third annual conference. It's a three-day event where guests learn about the organization, ways to restore infrastructure to its original glory, and network.

      "It's important to continually make the public aware of our historic buildings and the function they continue to serve. They are so important to our communities all across the state of Michigan," said Ken Czapski.

      Guests will also see the sights of Marquette including a number of downtown streets and historic homes. They plan to come back to the U.P. in the near future--next year's conference will be held in Jackson, Michigan.