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      President Haynes' sendoff

      The Peter White Lounge was full of friends and family and faculty and staff of Northern Michigan University Friday, all sending their well-wishes to President David Haynes.

      David Haynes has served as President of Northern Michigan University since former NMU President Les Wong left in 2012.

      NMU Board of Trustees held a public open house for Haynes, recognizing him for his leadership and service to NMU during his time as President.

      Haynes says he thoroughly enjoyed the last two years.

      "We've had a wonderful two years here and with a lot of growth and a lot of opportunity and that's because of a great team of people here at this university, not because of me or anyone else," said Haynes.

      Haynes' term is officially up on June 30th.

      Fritz Erickson will take over as President of NMU immediately after.

      Haynes says he will return to teaching, and working on his golf game.