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      Preventing rust on your car

      Rust, it's the mortal enemy of metals.

      When it comes to cars there are a few factors that contribute to the creation of rust. One of the biggest factors here in the U.P. is salt and unfortunately our cars see a healthy dose of it.

      What can we do to stop rust before it starts?

      "Frequently wash your vehicle, keeping all of that salt and road grime off of the vehicle is a great thing. Doing the underbody flushes, and also regularly waxing the vehicle," said Nick LaFayette of LaFayette Collision Center.

      Preventing rust before it happens is fantastic, but sometimes that's easier said than done. In some cases, you can try to stop the rust yourself with the help of some sandpaper and a little elbow grease.

      "If you don't have any electrical equipment you can use an angle grinder with a wire brush or a sander, but if you don't have that, do it by hand, get as much rust off as possible," said Cody Lieber of NAPA Auto Parts.

      Next you need to use a product that will inhibit rust growth. After that is applied you can prime and paint the affected area.

      Of course you could just skip all of that and take your car to a body shop where they can make minor fixes or even more serious repairs.

      "If it is to the point where it needs to have the metal replaced then we can either do a patch in the panel or replace the entire panel," said LaFayette.

      The key is to stop the rust before you need to have metal replaced.