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      Prison sentence handed down for felon in Manistique

      A 31-year old Manistique man charged with multiple felonies, including stealing a safe, was sentenced Thursday in Schoolcraft County Circuit Court.

      Russell Lee St. John pled guilty to count one of home invasion for which he was sentenced to 5 to 25 years in prison. Counts two and three, larceny and possession of a controlled substance, were dismissed. St. John explained that his going to prison would be especially hard on his young daughter.

      "If that child is that important to you, then the last place you want to be is away from that child. And if you do anything for yourself, for yourself first, and for your child, it's that you're there for that child," said Schoolcraft County Circuit Court Judge, William Carmody.

      Carmody said the crimes St. John committed were crimes of opportunity.