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      Private gala starts Pine Mountain Music Festival

      A private gala at the Chippewa Club in Iron Mountain was one of three galas kicking off the Pine Mountain Music Festival.

      The gala featured opera performances from singers who come from all over the country and was one of the first of many musical events lined up for the festival.

      Performers Cristina Bakhoum and Andrew McLaughlin say they're excited to be traveling and singing in the Upper Peninsula.

      â??It's exciting to always perform for a new audience. Everyone is so different; we feed off of the audience's energy and how much they enjoy our performances,â?? said Bakhoum. â??It's really nice because we perform in very intimate settings in each of the concerts,â?? said McLaughlin.

      Other musical and theatrical performances are slated to take place in many parts of the Upper Peninsula. The festival was founded in Iron Mountain 1991 by Laura Deming, a cellist and member of the orchestra of Lyric Opera of Chicago.

      For more information on performance venues and dates, visit the Pine Mountain Music Festival website for more information at: