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      Private Investigation goes high-tech

      Private investigation technology has come a long way in the past few years. Escanabaâ??s new business Delta Force Digital Surveillance brings some of the industryâ??s latest advancements to the U.P.

      Their car is outfitted with a pan, tilt, zoom camera that can capture images up to two miles away. Controlled from their office or smart phones, this camera allows this company to â??stake outâ?? a location from a safe distance. They also have pin-hole cameras that capture both video and sound. They use GPS tracking devices that can show the exact location of a vehicle. All of this technology is used to help gather the information needed to put your mind at ease or pursue legal action.

      We hope to â??help people calm that inner voice,â?? said private investigator Molly Barron. â??That burning question in your gut that tells you somethingâ??s wrong or something's off.â??

      Their advanced technology can be used for divorce, asset location, criminal investigations and more.

      The company hopes their clientele finds relief by having â??your intuition validated.â??

      For more information on private investigation and its latest advancements visit the Delta Force website.