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      Prizes a Yooper can be proud of

      Three giant stuffed gorillas, a 12-ft. stuffed snake, and an 8-ft. banana.

      What do these things have in common?

      They were all won by five teens at games played at the Cedar Point Amusement Park.

      Tyler LaJoie, Tyler Jandron, Michael Anderson, Jacob Godfrey, and Zane Radloff took a trip to Cedar Point in Ohio over the past five days.

      Collectively, they spent over $180 playing different park games, and each ended up winning one of these giant stuffed animals.

      "At first, like to get them in the car back to the hotel, that was a challenge in itself because we didn't have any tape or nothing. We just had our car. So we had to stuff one in the trunk with his head hanging out. The trunk couldn't close at all," said Michael Anderson.

      The guys say they had to strap the toys to the car's roof because they wouldn't fit in the car.

      They say the entire ride home, they had people taking pictures of them and posting them to social media.

      Right now, one of the pictures has over 4,200 'likes!'