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      Pro snowboarders in Marquette

      Some professional snowboarders are making the rounds through the U.P. this week, but they're not doing your typical type of boarding.

      These professional daredevils came all the way from Utah to shred the fresh U.P. powder. But they aren't just your everyday snowboarders.

      They call themselves "Urban Boarders," and they look for stairs, railings, and anything else to make their sport even more extreme...and they film it all in the process.

      "We drove into town, looked for hilly areas, and we figured there would be railings that we'd be able to jump up and go down. And for the common folk, if you don't understand, we like metal; like jumping on metal or wooden rails for some reason," said pro snowboarder Viktor Simco.

      All of the guys are sponsored by snowboarding companies and are making a full-length film for Think-Thank, a snowboard production company.

      "It's a really good way to look at everything you did the entire winter long and be able to look back and be, like, that was the winter of 2011-2012, and you see all the things you did with your friends, all the things you scared yourself doing. It's great, it's a really great way to remember a year," said another pro snowboarder, Sean Black.

      Yesterday, the guys spent the day snowboarding in Houghton and made it to Marquette Tuesday, where they will be for the rest of their trip.

      The guys are planning to travel to wherever the nearest snowfall is next.