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      Produce prices to rise amid fruit freeze

      Consumers may be paying much higher prices for some of their favorite fruits this year after cold temperatures in downstate Michigan have damaged a large number of crops.

      The stretch of warm weather early in the year started the spring growing season ahead of schedule. However, after that temperatures fell back to below freezing and this weekend's latest cold weather has wiped out apple, peach and grape crops in southwest Michigan.

      The damage to the crops will likely mean higher prices in the supermarkets.

      "Fruit trees were at a very critical stage for pollination and the weather conditions just didn't pan out so that's what we're looking at, and it will have a direct effect on price and availability," said Farmer Q's Market owner Tom Brian.

      Brian also says it's not just small market shops, but major retailers that will be impacted as well. Weather has also been blamed for crop damage in parts of Pennsylvania and New York.