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      Produces prices still feeling effects of harsh winter

      Local produce prices could be on the rise due to the long harsh winter.

      Spiessl's Produce in Ishpeming says they have had to slightly raise their prices this spring because the winter was so bad. They said some items have been tough to get because they are so expensive, citing green beans and peppers as the hardest to get their hands on.

      "We always try and offer the lowest prices that we can possibly offer to our customers, we're not trying to make top dollar on what we're selling," says manager Hiljia Spiessl. "We want to make sure that we're giving the consumers products that are good for them and at a very fair and reasonable price."

      The weather even forced them to push back their opening by a couple of weeks. The Spiessl's say they are optimistic that with nicer weather to come they can begin to expand their market.