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      Production delay for Rio Tinto's Eagle Mine

      Production at the Rio Tinto Eagle Mine project is being delayed.

      According to Rio Tinto officials, the rescheduling of production is due to unstable market conditions across the world. Production was set to begin in the early part of 2014, but Rio Tinto says there will still be plenty of activity in Marquette County even with the delayed start.

      "While we will be rescheduling some of the construction that we expected to happen this summer at the mine and the mill, there still is a lot going on," said Rio Tinto representative Dan Blondeau. "We're spending about $10 million a month on things such as permitting, engineering and building the underground mine and we'll have a better idea in the next several weeks what our long term construction schedule will look like."

      Blondeau also said they will work to minimize the impact to employees. Workers at the mine reached the ore body back in October, and work is expected to continue on the Humboldt Mill project.