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      Program offers firewood for elderly residents

      Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly is unloading and stacking firewood to help keep RoseAnn Lindgren warm for the winter.

      "I don't even know where to start. They're wonderful, they're loving, caring, and so compassionate. It's like a security blanket. You know they're there for you," said Lindgren.

      But before the wood is delivered, it all starts in the wood lot. It has to be cut, split, and then stacked.

      Houghton Rotary members are volunteering their time to help Little Brothers.

      "It's a great cause and we, as Rotarians, support these types of causes within our community, and it's a great way to help out," said Trisia Kappler, secretary to the board of directors for the Houghton Rotary.

      Little Brothers has been serving the community for 30 years. This year they'll go through 100 cords of wood, and it will be delivered to about 90 elderly residents.

      Debby Hart is the AmeriCorps outreach coordinator for Little Brothers, and she says for many elderly residents, wood is their primary source of heat.

      "We're probably the only site in the whole United States that delivers firewood to the elderly, and we think that that's an important need that needs to be met," said Hart.

      For more information on how you can volunteer your time or donate wood to help elderly residents, you can click here or call (906) 482-6944.