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      Program teaches seniors how to get up after a fall

      Seniors at West Highland Apartments in Escanaba are getting some tips on falling and getting back up, thanks to a free UPCAP program. It's called A Matter of Balance, and Tuesday was their fifth session in the four-week program.

      A physical therapist from OSF St. Francis Hospital showed the group how to use a nearby object, like a chair, to safely get back up if they fall. The program is aimed at helping seniors lead more active and more independent lives.

      "One thing that we talk about in the first session is that we all feel that when we fall, it's humiliating," said UPCAP Representative Tonya LaFave. "Just trying to get over the fact that it's not. And it happens to everybody, and most of the time when we fall, we don't do it on purpose, it's an accident."

      A Matter of Balance is a national program recognized by the National Council on Aging. UPCAP officials say there are plans on expanding the program to other counties in the U.P. in the next few years.