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      Promoted on Veterans Day

      There was the promotion of James Hoffman to Master Sergeant. The 40-year-old Lake Linden native has served 21 years in the Army. He enlisted in 1991 and has since served three combat deployments--two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Once he was promotable to Master Sergeant, the Army ordered him to NMU, where he's now the Senior Military Instructor for the ROTC program. Hoffman comes from a military family. Of all of Hoffman's promotions, he says this one means the most. Since he has always been so far from home, this is the first one that his family was able to attend.

      "It's a dream come true to actually get promoted and do a ceremony like this in the U.P. Usually it would be in front of my peers or in front of a formation, and I've done that. I haven't gotten to do that with my family. It's just, as they say in the Army, outstanding!" said Hoffman.

      Master Sergeant Hoffman expects to serve at NMU for at least the next three years.