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      Promoting snowmobiling in Alger County

      Alger County has quite an intricate system of snowmobile trails. A snowmobiler can choose from over 300 miles of trails when visiting the area.

      So it can be a little surprising to hear that snowmobile tourism is down this year across parts of Alger County.

      "We believe that the combination of snow across the Midwest along with the cold temperatures has probably affected business to some degree in our area, but it's still been a very positive season for us," said Ben Cooper, owner of the Buckhorn Resort.

      In an effort to promote snowmobiling in Alger County, a new Facebook page has been established that showcases what the county has to offer to snowmobilers called Munising Snowmobiling.

      "We try to keep updates on trail reports, we try to post pictures and videos that anyone gives us of snowmobiling from the area just to encourage people to show them what we have to offer," said Cori Cearley of Munising Snowmobiling.

      The best part is that there's no fee or membership involved, it's just a way for snowmobile lovers to share their experiences with others on the internet.

      What exactly is it that makes these trails so attractive?

      "Our trails are smooth and gorgeous. We also have an interesting trail system where you have lots of turns and curves and beautiful scenery along the way as well," said Cearley.

      The cold temperatures and extra snow will allow snowmobile season to last into April, which means there is still plenty of time to hit the trails.