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      Propane shortage has Florence County helping out

      The propane shortage that so many are experiencing has some counties taking action. The Florence County Sheriff's Department is offering heated shelter to those in need. Since the propane shortage is making it difficult for some to afford heating their homes, the Sheriffâ??s Department is helping out by providing vouchers for accommodations to those who are in need of heated shelter. Theyâ??re also asking people to play it safe if they are trying to use other means of heating their houses. The short supply and high demand of propane has caused the price to spike to about five dollars a gallon.

      â??One of our local co-ops here received over 80 phone calls for fill-ups yesterday, which is about four times higher than normal,â?? said Florence County Sheriff, Jeff Rickaby. â??They have a limited supply and are only providing fill-ups to previous customers.â??

      The Sheriffâ??s Department simply asks that you call if you are in need of heated shelter. Their number is (715) 528-3346.