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      Proper dress for a cold Halloween

      Candy and costumes are two big parts of Halloween for kids. Cold weather is the bigger concern to many parents, though. But bundling your kids up doesn't mean covering their costume.

      "Pretty sure superman had 'em on under his outfit, but now everybody can have it. Companies like Craft, Craft is a company that makes performance outdoor clothing, and it's really nice because it fits next to your skin, doesn't take up a lot of room underneath," said Jeff Stasser of Down Wind Sports. These clothes are meant to act as a base layer, and layer is the key word. Several layers makes for the most effective protection, since you can take them off one by one if you get too warm. This leads to another tip.

      "Make sure there is enough room to put things underneath, especially like sweatshirts. kids want to wear their costume and not have a jacket over it," said Gail Lessard owner of the Halloween Superstore.

      "We went with used clothing and made sure it was big for her so that she could layer underneath so that she doesn't need a snowsuit to go trick-or-treating this year," said Costume Shopper, Karen Labelle. Places like the Halloween Superstore in Westwood Mall also have changing rooms to make sure your kid has the right fit. Accessories can even be used to stay warm, like leggings and leg warmers. And even though some of the base layers, like Craft clothing, can get pricey, they're good for more than one night a year.

      "You can definitely use in your everyday wear and everyday play and just general activities like skiing and hiking. Multiple activities, for sure," said Stasser of the other uses for Craft Clothing. And if you're only going to follow one piece of advice, Stasser says absolutely no cotton base layers, they absorb body moisture and make you colder.