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      Proper preparation for ski season

      Skiing may be an exhilarating sport, but like any other, there's a risk of injury, and it's recommended to properly prepare before hitting the slopes.

      "The guy or gal that comes out and just starts going down the hill as fast as they can go without training are more likely to get an injury," says Northstar Health System's orthopedic surgeon, Steven Cline. "They're more likely to get a sprain and not be able to ski again."

      Cross training and conditioning the body will not only help prevent an injury but provide better endurance.

      "You want to cross train," Cline explains. "You want to strengthen your core...all the muscles in your hip."

      When purchasing skis, make sure they fit properly. If you already have equipment, it's crucial to get it checked at the beginning of each ski season.

      Ski Brule operations manager, Jessica Polich, recommends everyone "get a binding check" and "make sure that it is functioning the way that it should be."

      Polich reminds skiers to never over exhaust themselves, and obey your body's limits.

      "Oftentimes people might get tired, so it's important to stop, take your rest breaks," said Polich. "Hydrate, eat something, relax...and get back out on the slope."

      The final, simplest tip for both beginner and experienced skiers is to take a skiing lesson. Polich insists there's always something to learn, and it'll make your time on the mountain more enjoyable.