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      Proper safety on mowers can be life-saving

      Itâ??s one of the most distinct sounds of summer: lawn mowing. But mowing your lawn doesn't come without its dangers. The recent lawn mower fatality in Norway may have some re-examining the way they cut their grass.

      Ray Marchand of Iron Mountain has quite a steep slope to mow at his residential home, so his risk of rollover is higher.

      â??As you can see, you're sitting on the rear axle, so if you're sitting back too far, it can flip over,â?? said Marchand.

      After more than 30 years of mowing this lawn, however, Ray says he's got it down pat. â??You have to use some common sense. You have to kind of maneuver your body around into the hill, and adjust so it's as safe as you can make it,â?? Marchand said.

      Even so, anything can happen when lawn mowing, especially with larger machines, which is why safety equipment is available.

      One piece of equipment is called the â??rollover protection systemâ?? that prevents complete rollover incidents. The bar placed on the rear of the tractor or mower blocks a complete machine inversion in the event of a rollover.

      Another easy tip that prevents injuries is clearing the yard before mowing. Potential projectiles can shoot out at very high speeds.

      â??It shoots right out, so if you happen to be on that side of the mower and it hits something, you could get hit,â?? Marchand said.

      So before you hop on the mower and start cutting away, be sure you're following the correct safety procedures.