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      Property swap flops in Negaunee

      A land developer in Negaunee is set to sell off a parcel of land in Negaunee's Old Town. Porter Limited owns a 20-acre parcel of land in Old Town. They approached the City Council with the proposition of a land swap for a 40-acre parcel north of their property.

      Porter Limited says the land is frequently used by city residents as if it were public land, and with it now for sale, it could soon be developed. The city declined the swap, saying perhaps development in that area would be a good thing.

      "I'm frustrated for the public; here's an opportunity the city could take, it wouldn't cost them a penny, and they could trade with us and the public would still have this park," said Don Schinella representing Porter Limited. "Now we're putting it up for sale. Someone else is going to purchase it, they're going to build a home there, and it won't be the same."

      "The gentleman that owns this property says, 'Hey, I'm looking to build houses on it.' I think it was quite clear the council would love to see some houses go up in the city on that property. If you put some nice homes up there back up to the Old Town area, that would be quite a prime location in the city of Negaunee," said Negaunee City Manager Jeff Thornton.

      The city also voted to transfer more than $19,000 into the city's cable TV fund. The cable fund has been struggling lately with a shrinking number of subscribers and an almost yearly deficit.