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      Proposed road improvements approved by Marquette County Road Commission

      The Marquette County Road Commission (MCRC) approved the proposed realignment and repaving of County Road 510 and the Triple A Road Monday night. The project will cost $21.8 million, paid entirely by Lundin Mining.

      This new road will be used by trucks carrying ore from Lundin's Eagle Mine, which starts production late next year or in early 2015.

      During the meeting, many residents said they were glad changes were made to the original proposal.

      "I do appreciate the fact that you're trying to follow the existing road as much as possible," said George Lindquist, Marquette County resident.

      "You have been listening to what we've had to say. I appreciate what you've done from 550 up to blind 35. I think you should maintain that standard all the way up to the mine site," added another resident.

      Some of the changes, by public request and approved by the road commission, included minimizing the clearing of trees to 10 feet on each side of the existing road and using the existing centerline alignment.

      The changes mentioned above will will be on County Road 550 to approximately station 474+00 (blind area), according to the MCRC.

      "I think we looked very seriously at the road and the work that we need to do up there, and we're trying more and more to stay with the original footprint rather than what's being looked at as a new road," said Marquette County Road Commission Chairman David Hall.

      Many residents still disagreed with a 55 mile an hour speed limit. The road commission said if there are any changes, it will have to be done by the townships or the road commission through a speed study.

      The MCRC members also said another concern is acquiring the property they need to complete the plan before construction begins.

      The affected landowners will be contacted by the road commission.

      Once 70 percent of the road improvement plans are completed, another meeting will be held for public input.