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      Protect those paws!

      There are often many misconceptions about our animals and the cold. They can actually be just as susceptible to the freezing temperatures as people.

      Pets are prone to frostbite on their paw pads and toes. If left in the cold too long, their paw pads could get raw and succumb to infection.

      One way to tell if it is too cold for your pet is if water freezes.

      "The ice can build up between their toes and paw pads. If they have short hair, obviously the pads themselves will be affected. Even long-haired dogs, you can get little snowballs built up on the hair and that can be quite painful and act as an irritant as well," said Rachel Holman, Supervisor for UPAWS.

      If your pet must be outdoors for prolonged periods of time, having adequate shelter insulated with hay is a good option for them to be protected from the cold.

      Putting booties on your pet's paws will also protect them from getting ice and snow stuck between their toes.