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      Protecting your skin while enjoying the sun

      Now that it's starting to feel like summer you might be heading to the beach to soak up some sun.

      Before you head out there are tips to help you avoid getting a sunburn.

      Your skin is exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays like UVA AND UVB every time you are outdoors.

      If you are soaking up the sun on the beach without any skin protection those rays can leave damaging affects.

      "So, you have UVA, UVB damage from the sun. The UVB causes the burning of the skin. The UVA causes pre aging of the skin," said Therese Letts, RN Lakeshore Skin Care.

      Using hats, sunglasses, staying in the shade, and most importantly using sunscreen are ways to help avoid getting a sunburn.

      Choosing the right sunscreen depends on your skin.

      "If you burn in 20 minutes and you buy a sunscreen that's SPF50 broad spectrum, that's going to protect your skin 50 times longer from a sun burn," said Kirsti Labelle, Skin Care Specialist.

      It's recommended to get one that's broad spectrum with a higher SPF, at least 30 SPF.

      You should apply it 30 minutes before heading outside and every two hours after.

      When it comes to choosing the right sunscreen reading the label is crucial. You will be looking for two specific ingredients.

      "Which is the Octinoxate, and it also contains the physical block, which is the Zinc Oxide. So, the chemical works by absorbing those rays and the physical works by reflecting those rays off of your skin," Labelle said.

      If you do get a sunburn Labelle says it's recommended to wait until the skin cools down before using any lotion as it could trap in the heat and continue to burn.

      However, if it's severe you should talk to your doctor.