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      Protestors gather around U.P. congressman's office

      A group of about a dozen constituents gathered outside Congressman Dan Benishek's office in Marquette on Thursday afternoon.

      The group waved American flags and held anti-Benishek signs on S. Front Street before heading inside to put their criticisms on record. One of the protestors' chief complaints is the congressman's attempt to repeal Obama's healthcare law, instead of focusing on job creation.

      "He says he's working to create more small business, more economy and I don't believe that," said protestor Steve Jurek. "He's taking the money to Washington, or the money is going to Washington, and it's not coming back to this district, to the constituents. He's not doing what he was elected to do, and I think he needs to be accountable for that."

      Mr. Benishek's office responded to the criticisms in a statement that says "Dr. Benishek always welcomes feedback from Northern Michigan's citizens."

      The statement also said that Dr. Benishek supported common sense legislation that will cut federal government inefficiency to speed up the process of creating new mines in America and create jobs in Northern Michigan.