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      Protestors gather at Benishek's office

      A group calling themselves Good Jobs Michigan made their way to Congressman Dan Benishek's office Monday in downtown Marquette.

      They were camped out in front of Benishek's office protesting tax breaks for America's 'super-rich.' They were hoping to talk to Congressman Benishek, however, he's currently traveling throughout northern Michigan.

      The group says ending tax cuts for those who make more than $250,000 a year would generate money that could be used to bring jobs to Upper Michigan.

      "The rich, or the people with the triple digit incomes, should be willing to help out our country in this time of need by giving those people tax breaks. They're not investing that money in creating more jobs for us in the middle class. That's not happening," said Ron Strazzinski of Good Jobs Michigan.

      In response, Congressman Benishek, who has been touring small businesses in northern Michigan, says experts have warned against President Obama's tax increases. He says, "The refrain is simple, I see people who are afraid to start a new business because they cannot plan around unknown tax policy and increasing federal regulations."